Thursday, June 26, 2008

Get an education no matter what

At all costs go get yourself an education, do not wait till next year or the next life go get your self one now. And when your going there make sure your going to learn a carrer that will be there when you get out with plent y of jobs for you to choose from.

I would say anything in teh Health care field or Technology field would be a great place to start looking for a education that will lead to a good job. Unless you want to work fast food all your life or dig sitches then get yourself an education, trust me.

My peice of advice

Just stay away from gambling at all cost trust me when i say the house always wins. If you gamble you might as well just throw your money away. I have only heard bad news about people gambled away there small fortunes life savings or kids college money. If there is one piece of advice to take away from this blog is not to gamble.

Do you own a pet

I think it is so important for everyon ein this World to own at least one pet in there lives. I ohave owned several over my years here and was happy with every one of them I have been able to care for. Every one of my pets had there own special unique quality about them but I have to say after owning just about every different type of animal I think cats that are declaawed are teh best animcals for any human to have.

Quite simply cats take care of themselves and use the litter box or toliet of trained right and are not very loud compared to all other animals they are the easiest to care for. So if you are looking for a pet that is easy to care for try a cat

Whats up blogging world

Whats up blogging world i am here with you at last and using blogger to blog with so sit back adn relax because you know this blog is going to rock. i hope you enjoy reading everything that is on my mind and written on this blog. Give me some time and I will be back to writ emany more posts but I wante dto try it out first to see how easy it was to post with blogger and it was as simple as 1 2 3